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Tanpa Nama berkata...

We have descended into chaos and contempt, looking at other races suspiciously, no matter what the politicians want us to believe. I feel sad that we did not build on what our founding fathers left for us, and for the divisive lives we had got into, and that we are literally at each others throats.

I sometimes see these with anger and sometimes with despair that what we could have been but never did. My reflections these days seem to throw my hands up and remark that we, as Malaysians, have lost.

To claim that we are proud to be Malaysians rings very hollow in my ears, as we are not. We have grown to be racists, from the prime minister and the rulers to the average man on the street. The exceptions are too few to be recognised.

The day the leader of the country is able to stand for and convince us that he is not a racist, that is the day this country will move forward.

It could be an elusive dream during my lifetime, as what we all had were racist politicians polluting the average man's mind for their own political expediency, except for the first prime minister, but write to anyone content and heart, we are not going to be a developed nation as these people keep saying now and then, as what you sow so shall you reap and that time will set the clock back.

Anyway who cares! We all live in a world of pretence as if everything is ok but time will tell whether I am right even though deep inside me I would wish otherwise.

We are about 13 years away from the supposedly dream of attaining the developed nation status and as the word implies, it could well end up as a dream after the hype and ho hah. When we have an education system which is not only lagging far behind but very, very politicised and with a "trial and error" guinea pigs that we have become, it is all talk and talk.

The prime minister talks but these days very few believe anything he has to say. Maybe there has been a revolution indeed that he promised - just that I did not or could not see it.

After all, he had the audacity to claim that he had done a great deal to arrest corruption. I must have been sleeping because I did not see it. Multitudes of projects are just being dished out without any tenders and we have gone down further on the corruption index.

Of course, nothing what we write here will ever reach those politicians because they have proven us wrong over and over again by being voted in election after election and they continue with their complacent and lethargic attitude as ever.

We are a divided nation, more so by religion these days than by any other reasons. While we fight, our neighbours rejoice. The sorry state of affairs will continue.

A recent survey showed that people have the least trust in politicians. I was surprised that there need to be a survey to find that out as the word "crooked" has become synonymous with politicians, from the top to the bottom.

Most universities of developed nations are autonomous and although we have private universities, which are nothing more than money-making institutions, the quality of education is very pathetic indeed.

From the top to the bottom, it is "tidak apa" all the way. A small nation to the south with no known natural resource has placed itself comfortably in the economic world but we have "half-past-six" (just borrowed from Mahatir) people handling the government and its agencies with almost predictable results of losses. Are we going to sleep forever? Are we supposed to be proud?

You talk to the monkeys in parliament, they behave more like "samseng" than elected representatives and such people are walking our parliament house.

How, can we expect our children to be decently educated when these people continue behaving like circus monkeys? Instead of trying to get the races together, these are simply exploits to create animosity.

Even the way they explained the merits on the university selection was very off the mark - we all could see that they were lying through their teeth - and they, too know that they are lying but they just do it.

I am tempted to say they are just dreaming - daydreaming. Mahatir tried for 22 years and failed and he is supposed to be one of those intelligent prime minsters but he approached and dealt with almost racially blurred eyes.

Those before him also failed. They have created a sub-standard species of walking zombies in Malaysia who will either nod up and down or right and left. The will was never there and it will never be. Just make hay while the sun shines - grab as much as you can as if you don't, others will. May the Creator has mercy on this country.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

If you ever had the chance to run this country, the first thing you must do is to remove, not the deadwoods, but the termites from all the (government link companies) GLCs who are eating away the nation's wealth.

You have to be a pest controller of the highest order then only the nation can survived. At the rate the termites are chewing away, it will not be long before the whole roof caves in, and by then it will be too late even if one needs to do damage control.

How can the country ever progresses the outcome and income do not correlate.

I am glad that as a non-malay, I had the opportunity to turn around a state GLC some years ago when two other managers before me failed. At least here the state was sensible enough to know what was wrong and to take the appropriate remedial actions.

The second thing, you need to do is to trim away the number of holidays we have. It is far too many and it has reached ridiculous proportion. The citizens should be working 7 days (yes 7 days) a week not 5 or 6?

How can a nation ever grow and prosper when the workers are always looking forward to the next holiday which is just around the corner. Commerce and trade will definitely be affected.

Thirdly, there must be open tenders and purchase orders to be duly screened by a panel whose integrity must be beyond reproached.

When a company is in a financial crisis, such items should not even be listed at the bottom of the priority list. They should not appear all together and whoever brought it up, should be shot.

I have a friend who works in MAS as an aircraft engineer, almost everyday he will come back 8 am in the morning and go back to work in the afternoon. He told me that there is hell a lot of money to be made from overtime. It starts at 5 pm and ended at 8 am the next morning.

According to him, they only work until midnight and the rest will be sleeping hour. I ask him how he can do that! He answered me everyone in MAS did that. The foreman did that as well.

It takes many years of bad management to come to this stage. It will take many years to turn it around, if they are successful. This is what happened when there is gross lack of accountability, responsibility and transparency!

Malaysia is like a sick patient given lots of antibiotics for flu. Antibiotics only open up the patient for more sickness. Short-term solution to a long-term problem administered indiscriminately will only make the patient sicker.

If we do not vote BN out, only God can save our country from these government termites!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Malaysia has never been in any education race, in the sense of fair and free race, not even locally, let alone globally. The institutions of higher learning served to issue "certificates of fitness" for employment and not to provide education per se.

It is all in a dream or in playing a role in movie until globalisation sets in. The day of reckoning is near. It is unfair that the person who brought the dilemma to his followers enjoyed the image of the saviour without impunity, and yet he claimed that the government of the day was wrong to change the course he had set.

The true enemy for progress in Malaysia is the BN, its management and system……….nothing else. Malaysia will fall further south Singapore due to self inflicting.

Good and proper education is the foundation of a successful multi racial and religious nation. Education is not just about academic results alone. Decades of aggressive and damaging politic of race and religion had a long term and permanent consequences on the country and people.

The incompetent, narrow, selfish and shortsighted leaders had failed Malaysia and its ordinary people for far too long. It is very sad to see a promising country lead by donkeys and monkeys into battle.

We continue to churn out graduates in great numbers. Very soon we will get our name into the Guinness Book of Record for producing the most number of unemployable graduates in the world!

Some of them are now working as domestic servants, office boys, taxi drivers. Obviously something is very wrong with our education system, or is it something else more "cynical"?

No hope for Malaysia. We are slowly and surely going downhill. By year 2020 the whole economy will collapse.

On the contrary (Sorry to deliberate misunderstand one, but this is too good to pass up). Education in Malaysia is all about race. Unfortunately, it is the wrong race. The authorities are more concerned with which race you belong to - Chinese, Indian, Malay, etc. Tell them that we belong to the human race.

Our education system is in backyard. We were behind 30 years and how are we going to catch up. Just propaganda here and there will not bring us anyway. Malaysia is very busy brainwashing the students and not teaching them how to brainstorm to solve problems!

We lost it long ago and nothing left.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

The prime minister was quoted earlier to have said that the Barisan Nasional has fulfilled its election promises with the unveiling of the 9th Malaysia Plan. Here is a list comparing the BN 2004 Election Manifesto and what has transpired since then.

I urge the prime minister to re-read his own manifesto before making grandiose but fraudulent proclamations.

On corruption and abuse of power, the manifesto said:

· BN will continue the all-out campaign against corruption, without fear or favour.

The reality -

· "Umno does not intend to report the cases to the ACA. We have our own mechanism." - Radzi Ahmad, Umno secretary-general, on money politics in Umno.

On economy, the manifesto said:

· Your opinions and views continue to matter as Barisan Nasional endeavours to implement people centred policies.

The reality -

· "I hope the public will not question the money saved………." - Prime Minister Badawi, March 17, 2006, on the RM4.4 billion saved from fuel subsidies.

On education, the manifesto said:

· Barisan Nasional has worked hard to provide universal access to education. We will……….foster student interaction to enhance national unity.

The reality -

· "I will never allow non-bumis to enter UiTM. I will ensure that the percentage of malay students given places at public universities will always be higher than the percentage under the previous quota system." - then Higher Education Minister Dr Shafie, Umno General Assembly 2004.

On human rights and freedom, the manifesto said:

· Barisan Nasional safeguards the interests of all citizens. We listen to and act on the hopes and aspirations of all groups regardless of age, ethnic, gender, and religion.

The reality -

· "We will not think twice about using this law against anyone who incites - that is why we still need the Sedition Act and ISA (Internal Security Act)." - Nazri Aziz, March 20, 2006.

On parliament and democracy, the manifesto said:

· Barisan Nasional is strongly committed to parliamentary democracy, which gives each citizen a say in the administration of this nation.

The reality -

· "We used the whip (once) so they had to follow, now it is the same………." - Nazri Aziz, Dec 21, 2005, on the forcing of women BN senators to vote for the Islamic Family Law bill.

On religion and culture, the manifesto said:

· BN upholds the diversity of religious practice, language and culture.

The reality -

· "Members of uniformed services, including the police, must abide by the regulations on the wearing of their uniforms." - Badawi, March 27, 2006, on the compulsory wearing of the tudung by non-Muslim policewomen during official functions.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

I left the country some 20 years ago. I am very glad I made that decision. My children got the education they desired and both enjoying their chosen professions after completing university studies.

I enjoy tremendously living and contributing to my adopted country. I am an IT professional, so are many of my friends who left Malaysia with me in the 1980s.

Most of our children are professionals in their own rights. They earned their places in the society on their own merits. Many of them are in the engineering, financial, IT, legal and medical professions.

Dare I say many of them won various scholarships throughout their academic pursuits. Oh Malaysia! You don't know how much you have lost……….

I would never come back to Malaysia. It sucks……….control of malays. They have no rights for Chinese or whatsoever. The Chinese, Indians and other races worked hard to pay their tax while the malays just spend it. Where is the right?

I did watch a documentary on the history of Singapore……….few days ago. There is an incident of the joining of Singapore and Malaysia.

The main reason Mr Lee Kuan Yew doesn't want to join with Malaysia is because Tunku Abdul Rahman wanted the malays to stay power on the political side and the others be second class citizens.

If during that time Tunku Abdul Rahman were to treat everyone the same……….Malaysia will be as famous and rich as Singapore today.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

There is no doubt that the academic standards of our Malaysia universities have dropped to a point whether we should still call them "universities" or should we actually now term these establishments as "over expanded high schools" instead.

With the departure of Dr Gomez plus others, I wonder what is left of our so-called institutes of higher learning.

As a matter of fact, I have stopped calling graduates from some of these "universities" for interviews, as I know through my past experience, I would be wasting not only my time but also the time of the graduates.

There were those who applied for marketing positions who could not even write a proper application letter to "advertise" themselves to the prospective employers, to induce them to recruit them (the graduates) for a job. Then there were those who applied for sales position, who could not even sell themselves during the interview. Most of the time, the interviews are conducted monologues (the employer does all the talking) and the replies could be so incoherent.

It is such a waste and this is the result of Umno's idea of meritocracy. God bless Malaysia!

The Malaysia education bureaucracy has an illness, no one in the world will understand. It is build upon paranoia and insecurities that their inferiorities will be exposed and be a laughing stock by people.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Look, that seems to be the problem with certain countries. They seem to want to bash and victimize themselves every possible step of the way so as to not take blame for anything, and using sorry justifications to uphold their prejudiced and many times, racist policies and laws.

Look at Malaysia and Indonesia. It is not only the Chinese there that are suffering. And about "Chinese being privilege", yes, right……….many of us know of times where British put up those familiar "No Chinese and dogs" signs banning certain nationalities inside. I don't know how privileged is that.

Need I mention the thanks they give their minorities (that provide the iron rice bowl to the economy), for example, sin money (a tax that is considered dirty because it comes from license taxes paid by gambling resorts and pig farms and such, considered sinful and unclean by their majority religion, Islam) used for Chinese welfare - many Chinese there have slammed it as an "insult" to them.

Stop referring to some sob past to justify some country's unfair policies and laws that relies on leeching on certain races for certain things, while the locals or the majority (malays) just sits back and enjoy the spoils.

Indonesia has plenty of Chinese who were abused, raped by Indonesians and so on for being "richer" and "taking money away from the people".

Hello, if they didn't have the - cannot be bothered attitude - and actually work hard to make a proper living for themselves without wasting precious money on luxury or items not necessary, and saving money, living frugal, they wouldn't have fallen into their own financial muck, and resorted to blaming other races for their own misery.

Today it seems, other races seem to be holding the reins of the economy in certain countries and these countries, instead of realising, they are falling behind and bucking up to be competitive to regain their competitive spirit and improve their situations, resort to using cheap tactics that discriminate against every other race, clearly, it shows they have no intention of getting their sorry bums up and working hard for their families and their country's pride.

Even countries like Saudi Arabia, where unemployment, crime, and every other bane of a country is rampant, because of the cushy role, the monarch plays as some sled oil dealer of the world.

Unlike which incidentally, still has quite a percentage of their economy made out of oil revenue, but is improving where they have realised that if they continue playing the stereotype of the dumb fat oil sheik, they are not going to get anywhere and once the oil runs out they will have a major crisis in their country.

North Korea is another country in Asia that is decadent, and finds no end to blaming other person or country for their stupid mishaps.

There, discrimination is at its best. Policies and laws mutilated in the name of corrupted politics run amok, and despite depending so heavily on foreign imports, they yet label these people as the problems of society that spreads evil decadent ways of the outside world into their country and refrain from giving these people proper rights - yet these people (the Chinese) are the ones contributing to the country the most.

One could argue every country has its own policies and laws that place prejudice on certain parties - yes, that is true, but none so shamefully as those who (Malaysia) not only boast about it, take the credit for the successes of these people whom they slam their discriminatory abuses on, and have no intention to change it (and that said with a smug look on the face).

That is a slap on the face to democracy and equal rights for all.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

The major barrier to Malaysians becoming competitive is our ineffective and outmoded education system.

Malaysians are fully aware of this, and those who can have already abandoned it. This includes our own minister of education! Witness the steady stream every school day morning of our young heading to Singapore for their education.

The glaring deficit of our leadership is lack of execution. Your answer to every problem is to form a committee. Punting problems onto committees reflects shallow executive talent. Not paying attention to execution is the bane of many leaders. All your wise policies would be meaningless if their execution is wanting.

Make Malaysia and Malaysians competitive; that would be a legacy more enduring and worth striving for.

All these aspirations would be for naught if Malaysians were divided. I am distressed at the deepening polarization of Malaysians and the increasing fragmentation of Malaysians.

The solution lies not in emphasizing but celebrating our differences; not in minimizing but sharing our commonalities. You must blunt those elements that would drive a wedge between Malaysians, and nurture those that would bring us together.

Malay leaders are again selling to their followers a bill of goods with the doctrine of Ketuanan Melayu (malay hegemony). These leaders delude themselves and the masses into thinking that we malays have been anointed Tuan (master) of Malaysia, with all the implied glories and privileges.

Both the premise and promise of Ketuanan Melayu are false. The sooner malays grasp this stark reality, the better it is for us and for all Malaysians, as well as for the nation. In this competitive world, you work to be a master; you must earn it!

In feudal societies, whether you are fated to be master or servant is determined at birth by your heritage. Malaysia has long passed that stage although many are still entrapped in the feudal mindset.

The sure path to uniting Malaysians is not through culture, education, language, politics, or religion but economics, specifically through the wonders of the marketplace.

Embrace free enterprise, and encourage the market exchange of goods and services among Malaysians, and between Malaysians and the world.

Once Malaysians view each other less as malays and non-malays but more as potential clients, customers and partners, national unity and prosperity would be enhanced. Likewise when we view foreigners in those terms, Malaysians would be contributing their share towards world peace and prosperity.

Build on our own legacy, and if you are successful, the excesses of you predecessor will become obvious through comparison. Create your legacy in your own style. There is no need to blow out someone else's candle in order to make yours shine brighter.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Ministers in Malaysia need to learn when it is time to step down. This Rafidah is one, Samy is another. It is painfully embarrassing to see them issuing denial after denial when they are facing public scrutiny. I think a prerequisite to be a minister in this country is to have extra thick skin.

It is definitely a matter of pride, perceptions of truth, and honour between Mahathir and Rafidah.

Rafidah will go, but not before she sets her record straight. The APs issue is policy of the government and the entire government, previous and current, should be damned for it. Not just one person.

But Mahathir fulminations are directed at his successor Pak Lah whom he feels is undermining and dismantling his legacy, vide his quote about creating a mess while in power, and now the government having no money for projects.

Mahathir can come out now and talk about it but he didn't do anything about it during his time in power.

He can't feign ignorance and despite his announcements, should take responsibility for this and his policies of making a few tycoons for the betterment of the community.

The statistics that have come out, if believed, reveal that the equity share of the malays became stagnant at 19 percent during his watch - a failure by any standards yet lots of people particularly the malays became tycoons with projects across the world. Wonder if their share is part of the 19 percent or theirs is being bandied about now.

Pride comes before the fall. Such is life.

Majority of our politicians are selfish, power hunger and corrupted. Everyone become greedy and greedier each year. A tiny portion of their wealth could supports 2 or 3 poorer families in the country. Yet the needy sufferance is unbelievably worst each day.

What a shame……….

Tanpa Nama berkata...

I have said it before that minister is constraint by the politics of Umno. Don't expect miracle from him. His limit is clearly shown that he has to actually support the distortion of facts about.

They represent Umno deepest fears of their web of distortable behaviour and lies. To do otherwise would be to hit at the three biggest rails of Malaysia politics - NEP, Ketuanan Melayu and Islamization.

Only with the absolute truth can Malaysia and its ordinary people move forward successfully. Sugar coating history and continue to mislead the ordinary people will not help. At this moment, no one in BN has the courage to speak the absolute truth, not even the fearless and courageous previous prime minister.

The truth has finally come out. It was not the disparity of economic well beings among the different ethnic groups, and the 30% target was just a convenient excuse for NEP to remain.

Statistics of the 1970s showed clearly that foreigners with negligible population had more equity shares than the non-malays. Jealousy, if economic might were offensive, should be against foreigners. But we know that bullies are scared of the strong. They choose the victims carefully. From time to time keris was brandished, and the victims were branded aggressors.

If I were to tell lies about the government (although base on facts) in this board or anywhere public, the government will surely come after me. We cannot allow the truth to be written off and cover with full of lies and distortions just to satisfy one race and Umno.

You cannot trust politicians. Most (95%) are grossly dishonest and unprincipled people and they lie and say anything base on the changing circumstances to achieve their objectives, including their narrow and personal objectives at the great expense of Malaysia and its ordinary people.

BN had lost its plot, integrity and credibility, and the mess created cannot be properly and promptly resolved by the people who created it. It is in the best interest of Malaysia and its ordinary people, a new government is formed to take care and safeguard their interests and future.

Malaysia will soon become another Japan who will change the facts in the book to poison, brainwash the young generation……….They are in fact the real racist.

Brainwashing the students is a new trend in Malaysia higher education system. More and more student may become "kakaktuas" as our ministers. What is in Umno to glorify when almost 90% of the members were deadwood! Simply past time.

Godly person will not discriminate the races and fair to everyone. Bible says pray and love for the enemy too. Whatever they try to do, God in control. They have to answer to God soon for what they are doing and the cries of the non-malays.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Lead your Malaysia country by example! Unfortunately: when no all but one of the ministers has a university degree, this example shouldn't down spiral the level of education for the next generation.

It is true that ignorance of the masses keep who is in power. Sad way of playing democracy……….

Wow you got guts! Happy to say, people are not coming back to this wretched land, having the government turn its back upon them. The last word, I heard of Bangsa Malaysia………..All they know is to say, and then go on for the next NEP. Stupid!

Who in his sane mind to come back to a country which their lawful, taxpaying parents waste their tax on lazy people? Furthermore, the brainy-one will become the future feeder of lazy people and had his own children rights denied. Weird!

I am absolutely agree with you. Malaysia is strictly for those malay pig………..they are so stupid pig, yet the government want to aid them on their all those university places - 80% is reserved for higher education to these so called bumis (actually just the generation of the pirates originated from Indonesia).

Since the government doesn't appreciate us as talented person, then we shouldn't support this lame government anymore.

Remember! When the election comes the next time, please use your head to vote and not your emotion or your racial sentiment

A good government is one with good opposition - electing the opposition doesn't mean you against the ruling party or agree with the opposition.

There need to be balance, check and counter check. We cannot just depend on Mr Lim alone to fight!

I can relate to you in many ways. I have just found out that the best way to deal with bad things, is to turn a blind eye and ear to them. Ignore them, and they will leave you, soon enough. Allow them to spew their insults, it doesn't matter what they say anyway, it is us who are in control of our feelings and how we feel, not them.

I know you malays are pissed off too in your own way because you are too lazy and selfish to share. It is clear……….It is a hard thing to change from a lazy and selfish creature to a human. It is understandable.

If the word "democracy" has been followed properly according to the meaning, there will be no existing problems at all. Where is the freedom of speech on the Malaysia media? Why is there discrimination if people want to practice equal rights?

All of this issue leads to not democracy and racism! The word democracy is used to keep the happy image in the eye of other countries, so it won't effect the economy!

Talk about the Polynesians person……….Yes there were everywhere. Like Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, and etc. What you know? Polynesian originally from the Taiwan. Even malays are form Jawa. That makes them a native people from Polynesian island, but not natives of Malaysia.

I still believe that the people (Malaysians) are the ones who drive this country. Not corrupted politicians, racist cunts or other selfish groups. We could make changes. And changes we shall make for a brighter future. Peace out!

If you look around you, you'd see that some of our malays have distinctive Mongoloid features. Discrimination against races is disgusting, laws favoring our malays is an insult to us!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

I read some comments with interest and can identify with the frustrations of the "other" Malaysians. They too have been marginalized because they are not under the patronage of Umno.

Yes, if our country does not reward and recognise talent, then our talented people, to put it bluntly, will go elsewhere where the reward system benefits them. Intellectual capital is as mobile as financial capital in our globalised world. It works on a universal incentive system. The best will go to places where their talents and skills can command a premium.

They will go to places where they can interact and engage with their peers, and have access to the best facilities for research and lifelong learning. So the environment must be conducive for the brightest and the best to operate.

The predicament we in Malaysia face today is not difficult to resolve if our leaders, Umno leaders in particular, have to the political will to change things around. The addiction to NEP and its subsequent variants under whatever label is serious and can only be removed over the long term.

This is a political price which current leaders are not prepared to bear. I often wondered what the MIC, MCA, Gerakan, and others in BN are doing about.

There is a lot of resistance to change this system since any change will mean loss to some vested interest groups. It is more convenient to continue to buy malay "loyalty" with a perverse incentive system than to overhaul a system that has after more than 3 decades obviously weakened the malays.

I say that because I know our leaders know what caused this underperformance in the malay community. It has to do with the over-protection of the NEP and the way we Malaysian Muslims practise our religion which is increasingly isolationist and exclusivist.

So if Malaysia does not reward and recognise talent, we will have a situation where mediocrity breeds mediocrity in a vicious circle, and eventually our country will slide into being a 4th, not 3rd world country, worse than some of the African states today.

I am not sure whether I am getting wiser and wiser. I think I am humbler by the day. Seen this, done that, and been there. I find no easy answers to our dilemmas and problems. But we must keep trying.

Penulis berkata...

wow... great discussion we have here.. profesionalisme, not emetionalism..hehhe.. great guys.. keep contribute