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Be careful guys!! Keep this in mide... no easy money!!

Kennth William & Mother


I know this message might be a surprise to you,My name is Kenneth William with My Mother from the republic of Sudan in Central Africa Dafur,now seeking for refuge in Cote D' Ivories l under the(UNHCR)united nation high commission for refuge with my mother.

I want you to help me and my mother to receive our money in your bank account and invest the money for me and my mother in your country and send me an air ticket for me to come and further my studies in your country and my mother be there too so that you can take care of the investment as I am 22yrs old.

I got your contact during a desperate search here in Ivory Coast for a possible investment transaction. My (late) father HON DR. CAMARA WILLIAM, who was the Former Minister of Finance and Economy in Sudan before he was assassinated by the rebbles in the capital city of Khartoum Feb 2007.

And all our properties were totally destroyed. However, we managed to escape by the help of UN Peace Keeping Boat To Ivory Coast with some of my father's documents covering $18.500.000 Million dollars (Eighteen Million Five Hundred Thousand us dollars Only) On My Name which is presently deposited safely in a Bank here in Ivory Coast Abidjan West Africa on my name as the only Son of the Family and the Next of kin. The Bank Directors have Approved and ready to transfer the fund via key telegraphic telex transfer to our foreign partner account within 48hrs legitimate and legal as soon as you send them your bank account where the fund will be transfer with your full contact details.

i was advice to live with my mother to Cote D' Ivory Abidjan West Africa because i was the next target as the only son of my family. All the vital documents will be fax to you as our foreign partner who will receive the fund for the investment.

i hope you will not betray me and my mother because this money is all our hope since my late father died. I am giving you the offers as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to assist me and my mother to receive and invest this money in your country, I and my mother have decide to give you 40% of the total sum for your assistance in helping us to receive this money in your account and invest it in your country Secondly, we shall also take 5% for any miscellaneous expenses that may occurred during the transfer.

Conclusively, i wish you send me a reply immediately as soon as you receive this message so that we shall arrange on how this fund will be transfer to your country. On commencement, this transaction will take nothing less than 4
working days to be accomplished as the bank management told me and my mother in the bank. All documents covering the fund are safe and intact with us here in Ivory Coast Abidjan, I will fax or scan to you all the vital documents

Send me this info:
Full Name and Adress
Email address

I will submit the information to the bank .my mother is sending her greetings to you and your family. kindly keep this transfer secret and confidential. Contact me and my mother on this telephone number as soon as you receive this massage.

Tell + 225 064 084 73 for more kennethwilliam121@ozu.es

my mother is sending her greetings to you and your family. call us urgent for more detail kennethwilliam2007@ozu.es + 225 064 084 73

Thanks yours son, send me your telephone number ok and email address.

Kenneth William And Mother


From : Bangoura & Sister Aminata.
Address: Dakar Senegal Refugee Camp.
Email : bangoura_mahamed7@yahoo.co.uk

Dearest One

My name is Bangoura Mohamed and Sister Aminata Mahamed,The Son and Daughter of (Late Dr.Ibrahim Mahamed ) Who lost his life in the course of the crisis in my country Sierra - Leone on the 28th of September last year on his way to the company ( Nestle Food Plc) .

My Late father willed in cash, the sum of $25 Million United States Dollars which he deposited in a Fixed/Suspence Bank account in Dakar Senegal in west Africa, with enabling conditions for the release of the fund which are as follows:

(1) That I must be 28 years or above.
(2) That upon request for the release of the fund, there must be evidence of investment intentions especially outside the west africa,

We contact you therefore to confirm if you can absorb us in partnership in your company or possibly advise me on any investment opportunity in your country.
When I reach agreement with you, the bank will release our fund into an account that you shall nominate and I and my sister will come over to you to commence business partnership with you and the fund.

I and my sister we be expecting your urgent response including your addresses, your Mobile phone and fax number.

Contact us faster through our alternate email address for security reason.

Email: bangoura_mahamed7@yahoo.co.uk

Finally we implore you to treat this transaction with secrecy and confidentiality for security reasons.

We are Seriously waiting for your urgent reply,

Best regard.

Yours Truly Son & Daughter.
Bangoura Mahamed & Sister Aminata.


Attn: Sir

I am Dr Perez Dukes, Former HRM Manager. During my last audit with the
company before I was sacked, I over invoiced the normal budget and made
an excess us$100,000, 000.00 (One Hundred Million United States Dollars)
which I intend investing your country/company.

Presently this fund is in a security home from where it will be
transferred to you after our agreement.

Sir, your assistance is highly needed in this business and I have
agreed to go into a joint venture with you and will also share the proceeds
in a ration of 60:40.

I hope to get your positive response via my personal email address
drperezdukes@fsmail.net and as well send me your full names and address,
Telephoen Number, your age and occupation, so that I can ascertain your
capability of handling this business.

Dr Perez Dukes

"Mrs.Shua Hasan."
to me

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I duly apologize for infringing on your privacy, if this contact is not acceptable to you as I make this proposals to you as a person of integrity. After due deliberation with my children, we decided to contact you for your needed assistance to secure a family treasure. First, let me start by introducing myself, I am Mrs. Shua Hasan, a mother of three children. I am currently working as a social worker with UNHCR (United Nations High Commision For Refugee)
My husband was also a United nations Relief worker in middle east unit. he was the deputy regional supervisor of UNHCR (United Nations High Commission For Refugees) You must have heared about the renewed fight betwee the islamic group in Lebanon and the Lebanese millitary.

My husband Ahmad Hasan was shot on Tuesday 22nd day of may 2007, when a United nation's aid Convoy was attacked by shells explosion. The aid convoy was on the official mission to deliver food and medical materials to the refugees when the insidence happened in the Nahr al-Bared camp here in northern Lebanon. He was taken to hospital but he died the next day. You can vist the following website to see the news;

The reason why I am contacting you is that I found documents leading to some safety deposit that was made by my late husband with a private Security firm. The deposit amounted to $9.5million United States dollars in cash. He told me about it in his dying bed and insisted that I should find a reliable foreign partner to assist me to invest the money. At first I could not belive him but after his death, I I was going through his library collection and to my astonishment I discovered a Certificate of Deposit for the safety deposit with this private security firm, and other documents relating to the safety deposit in a book. The safety deposit which is a trunk, is stocked with hard currency (US Dollars)totalling $9,500,000 which was generated from cash payments from several contracts he executed for United nations.
The reason why I am contacting you is for you to assist me to invest this huge money in your country in your name because I am afraid that the United nation might start to investigate my late husbands bank accounts and any of my family's bank account to find out if he or we is holding back any of their funds. I do not want to return this fund to them because I want to take possesion of it as a compensation for the lost of my husband who died while was on active duty for United Nation. Also the fund can be a future foundation for my three children.

I am not a business women and again the situation in our country is hell and hopeless. It is not safe to keep or invest the fund in a war turn zone like Lebanon. Your assistance is needed to clear this fund out of the Security for subsequent investment.
If you are interested to work with me, we can set up a business partnership with you in your name in your country and it is my wish to invest in property and real estate investment. I will compensate you for your role in this venture and if you are interested, I will inform you my arrangements on how I intend to send the money to you in your country for safe keeping and investment.

For your assistance, my family will offer you 30% of the total sum. If you are interested pls reply me so that we can plan on how to proceed but if you are not interested feel free to decline this offer as it is not mandatory.

Thanks and regards,

Shua Hasan.

to undisclosed-re.

Assalam 3alakom
I got your email address through search in the Internet.

I hope in the name of ALLAH that I have the right person who will
assist me.

I want to transfer money for investment into your country as such I
would like to make contact with people like you residing in that
country for assistance .

Note,the funds are already with a security company which has branches
in every continent for safe keeping. If you are willing to assist me.

You will help me collect the funds from the Security Company as I
cannot travel out from iraq at the moment because of certain conditions
which I will explain to you if we work together(my travelling documents are
not yet complete).

The fall of Saddam Hussein has brought destruction / Hell to our great
country and everything is practically difficult now and opportuinities
are closing up,the new government is trying to
frustrate our businesses.

Please if you accept this offer of assistance you are required to give
me your Name, age, occupation, address also enclosing your telephone
fax numbers. What I now need from you are as follows:

1. You should go to the Security Company to secure the funds in cash on
my behalf and open a Bank account in your country for me with the
credentials i will give you.

2. You will be entitled to 30% of the total sum involved for your

3. As soon as you confirm to me by e-mail your readiness to travel to
the Security Company, I will send the PIN code number of the
consignment to
you and also the security Company's information.

4. I will also most importantly know if you have the apprioprate travel
documents and send to me your travelling documents for my proceedings
over here.

5. Please note that this project is 100% risk free but you must keep it
very secret and confidential with strong assurance that you will not
let me down at all.

I expect your prompt reply.


Abdullah Gh Al-qassab


Dear Friend,

Better days greetings to you and your entire family and I pray that may the Almighty Allah we guard you and your family’s, Meanwhile I also want to use this opportunity to introduce myself well to you,

I am Donatus West and my younger Sister Faith West, Our late father was a serving Director of the Agro-Exporting board Director until his Death. Our late father was the assassinated last January by the rebels during the political uprising.

Before his death, he has a Deposited fund consignment trunk box which contains the sum amount of $25Million united state dollars which he deposited under diplomatic care and protection in Jakarta Indonesia for purchase of cocoa processing machine and development of another factory before his untimely death.

As the first son of our late father, the fund consignment trunk box in my name as the rightful next of kin to the deposited fund in Jakarta Indonesia. However, we contacted you in respect of our late father deposited fund consignment box presently in Jakarta Indonesia, which I want you to assist us and stand as my foreign beneficiary to receive our fund over there in Jakarta Indonesia, this fund am writing you is the sum amount of $25Million United State Dollars.

Our late father deposited the fund consignment trunk box under SIERRA LEONE COMMISSION, For your information, who was suppose to receive this consignment presently in Jakarta Indonesia Was demanding for 50% which I and my younger sister Faith did not agree on for any reason, that was why we have to stop the delivery to his care immediately and search for another relabel beneficiary who can help us to claim and receive the fund consignment trunk box over there in Indonesia.

Take note, I and my younger sister Faith has agreed to offer you 30% for the total fund involve for your assistance because that was our former agreement which we have with our foreign partner Mr MOHAMED ABID before he later change his mind because of his greed that is why I and my Sister Faith put a stop to the delivery of the fund consignment trunk box to him as our mandate beneficiary,

We have plans to invest this money in continuation with the investment vision of our late father, but in this case we rather believe you assist us investing the total fund into any good and lucrative investment over there in your country, I have the vision of going into real estate and industrial production. In fact this is our vision for contacting you.

Once we confirm your capability of claiming our late father deposited fund consignment trunk box which contains the total sum of $25Million united state dollars presently in Jakarta Indonesia, I will further furnish you with the details and documents covering the deposited fund in Indonesia for onward clearance and delivering to your care as our mandate beneficiary.

Please kindly indicate your wiliness and capability of claiming the Deposited fund consignment trunk box and also indicate your interest in replying us as soon as possible.

Kindly furnish us with your contact Mobile phone number, on our next mail we shall send to you the Deposited fund Certificate Receipt and our international passport copy.

Reach us faster through our alternate email address for security reason,
Email. donatuswest10@yahoo.com

Thanks and remain blessed.
Yours True Son and Daughter.
Donatus West and Sister Faith West.

From Online Co-ordinator
Ticket Number:NL/BC336791/HY07.

In view of
the yearly sweepstake of the above named organization held on the 18th
June,2007. It is my pleasure to inform you that your e-mail address
attached to the above ticket Number:NL/BC336791/HY07, Prize Number:
JM/934107/WPN and Lucky number W-61228-58/B7,came up in the first dip.
This invariably means that you have emerged as the prize recipient of
(1,000000 Euros)in the second category with an allocated sum of
10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Euros) shared among the first Ten (10) lucky
winners in this category.
Be informed that all participants were
selected from a random computing ballot system.This charitable
sweepstake is sponsored by postcdeloterij-nl and government
parastatals, drawn from major cities in Europe.
In your best
interest and to avoid mix up of numbers and names of any kind, we
request that you keep the entire details of your award strictly from
public notice until the process of transferring your claims has been
completed, and your funds remitted to your account.This is part of our
security protocol to avoid double claims and unscrupulous acts by
Participants/nonparticipants of this program.
To file for your claim
and other enquiries,contact the paying bank address written below with
the following details:
(1) NAME.
Contact Person: Mr.David Meyer
Contact Email:regiobkoffice@aol.com
Tel: +31 644 965 098

Congratulations from the entire executive
officials of the organising board.

Yours Sincerely,
Joan Van Henk
(Lottery Coordinator)

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