Isnin, Jun 20, 2005

Romance quiz

romance quiz

With February being the month of love, how do you fare when it comes to romance? Have a go at our quiz to find out whether you are a dedicated Romeo or just a romance reject!

1. Where would you take your partner on your first date?

a. To a football game
b. To the cinema
c. To your place where you have prepared a three course meal

2. What type of movie would you take your date on?

a. An action adventure
b. A horror – so you can hug each other when you get scared
c. A romantic comedy

3. When it comes to sex would you rather…

a. Have as many sexual partners as possible, after all, variety is the spice of life
b. Only have long term partners
c. Lose your virginity with your soul mate, who you then spend the rest of your life with

4. Are you still in contact with the person you lost your virginity with?

a. I don't even remember their name
b. Yes, I still see them occasionally
c. Yes – in fact we are still together

5. If you went on a date what would you order?

a. What ever was cheapest on the menu
b. Steak and chips
c. Anything you could sexily feed to your partner

6. Where would you prefer to make love?

a. Anywhere, anytime is your motto
b. Anywhere quiet and private
c. On a bed with satin sheets, with candles burning and soft music playing in the background

Mostly A's

Oh dear! You really are hopeless in the romance department. Try thinking of your partner before you think of yourself, and make sure you are protecting yourself and your partner by always wearing a condom!

Mostly B's

Well you're not too bad, but there is room for improvement. Try being a bit more original in your approach and who knows what might happen!

Mostly C's

My, my you're a proper little Casanova! There's nothing we can tell you about being romantic – so go on, have fun!

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