Selasa, Ogos 17, 2010

Misteri Negara Saudi

kawan aku bagi link ni..baca sendiri dan fikir-fikirlah...

For some time now I have been getting signals about Saudi Arabia. I think it is time to tell you what I know, and, in the end of this page, I will do a bit of speculating based on my research of the Middle East.

This page will consist of the following:

1. A brief review of the history of Saudi Arabia

2. A discussion of why the USA has interests in Saudi Arabia, and how that looks today.

3. A discussion of Osama Bin Ladan and his true zeal.

4. Three postings from an Arab Muslim dissenting against the Saudi Regime.

5. Material gleaned from the Web on Saudi present conditions.

6. My final observations, particularly using the King James Bible

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