Rabu, Jun 22, 2005

Ini Sudah Lebihhhhhh ni......

Semasa aku surfing, member aku pass kat aku satu entry blog bebudak spore..i think.. enrty dia very racist dan annoying.... dia dgn opennya mengutuk islam dan melayu...

ikutla sedutan entry di bawah.. real one kat http://upsaid.com/phoenyx/index.php?action=viewcom&id=893
Doggie Forum http://www.doggiesite.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=28629&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

Wed - June - 15th -

PIGS they are!!!!

Very recently some malaypig whore wrote to the Straits Times forum page shriekingasking why was a dog in the cab and not in a crate/carrier.

This immediately sparked off a heated discussion in the Doggie Forum and as well as prompted several members to write in in outrage.

The thread was fiercely debated, mostly towards the malaypig cunts. Then as always, we have to have a muslimpig bitch stepping in, shriekingcrying out that we've "grieviously" wronged muslimpig fuckers. And that other races/religions are capable of condemning dogs as well.

Sure I don't deny the fact. However the point in which the discussion was later narrowed down to, was do muslimpig assholes abuse their religion for their own personal agenda?

Malaypig brats practically get free primary school education, and IF I'm not wrong, their secondary school fees are heavily discounted/subsidised or something.

During primary?, secondary and even tertiary schools, allowances was made every friday noon for the malaypig bastards to journey to their brothelmosque for their weekly fuckprayers. Honestly how many malaypig idiots actually went??? You see many happily playing soccer, or at some void deck of some flats making a nuisance of themselves as usual.

Their food have to be "specially" catered for, because they only eat halalpig prepared porkfood. Even utensils that have been in contact with non halal food have be discarded least Allah lift up his sarong and pees a bolt of lightning on their sinful tudong heads.

All that crap about malaypig sluts can't touching dogs are just bullshit! If they can't explain to me why some muslims keep dogs?? They can touch dogs, just that their waste matter/saliva is considered unclean, and they would have to cleanse themselve. Naturally being lazy pigs they are, they loathed to do it, even if it means purifying themselves.

Yeah lah yeah lah... muslimpig fuckfaces don't drink alcohol. They don't take drugs either. They don't even smoke!!! Oh my goodness Muslimpig lanjiaos will all go the heaven to chant the Quran with Allah for all eternity!!!

Their goddamn patriarchal religion allows them to have FOUR wives at a time, and in extreme muslimpig countries, women have status on par with the cattle they slaughter. A serious affront to the Goddess!

As a race, they are probably ok. But their religion is without a doubt, the most stupid and goddamn fucked up ever in the entire history of humanity. Even Satanism rank a notch better than Islam.

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p/s: aku mmg pissing off ngan entry ni... argh.... kpd reader out there.. kalau bleh balas ..pegi balas

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DarkWan berkata...

An apologize. As simple as that??


Tanpa Nama berkata...

Wah.... ayat last tu yang paling tak sedap dengar tu... hmm.. dia buleh senang2 mintak maaf... dan bleh plak ada yang senang2 maafkan... hmm.. dia bukan kutuk mak ayah kita (itupun kita dah marah), (inikan pula) dia kutuk agama kita! A GA MA kita!! hish..

- Clemenza:"Won't see him no more"