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Sonic Cosmic: Music from outer space

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Sonic Cosmic: Music from outer space

An experimental-improvised music performance

By Kamal Sabran

Artist-in-residence program

National Space Agency Malaysia.




National Planetarium

53, Jln Perdana, 50480

Kuala Lumpur.

Free Admission.

Info: 03 22735484 Pn Hapipah/Cik Rozani

016 5533391 Kamal Sabran

Look at the stars. Can you hear them?

For centuries astronomers have been looking at the stars. But can our ears tell us something that our eyes can't? ... Is it possible that there is more to learn by listening to the stars?

As the artist in residence of Agensi Angkasa Negara (National Space Agency) whereby I was granted a research fund to produce an artwork that combines both space science and art.

My sound art entitled Sonic Cosmic is a scientific research is based on real signals which came from outer space. My aim is to develop a musical composition base on galactic radio noise. The final composition will be on stage along with visual projection on electromagnetic wave.

In search of space sound, I used a radio telescope located at the National Satellite Station, Sg Lang Banting, Selangor. The radio telescope receives radio signals from the Sun, the planet Jupiter, and the galaxy. Relativistic electrons spiraling in the galactic magnetic field generate radio noise that is easily detected using the radio telescope.

Using this Radio telescope I am able to receive the natural radio emission such as, Solar Burst, Jupiter Radio Noise Storm and Galactic Background Noise. The signals are recorded, displayed, analyzed and archived using special software.

My musical compositions process started with observing the close analogy between galactic radiation and musical notes -- both of which are decoded by intensity and frequency (or wavelength).

I used galactic noise as a musical instrument by breaking them into fragment using computer software. I tried to find the sound association between galactic noise and musical instruments by doing experimentation using various methods, techniques and styles. I also used both traditional and electronic instrument to create an organic harmonious composition.

My music portrays an eerie, chaotic and meditative feeling of space. My art is an uncommon fusion of science and art: astronomy and music.

-Kamal Sabran

Jun 2006 Ipoh.

Kamal Sabran is an artist worked on experimental-improvised visual music, performance art and electronic installation. His passion in art and science leads him to receive a residency program funded by National Space Agency, Malaysia.

Sonic Cosmic is a 20-minute, 4-movement experimental-improvised music and visual composition performed by Kamal Sabran and guest artist such as Amirul Fakir (Poet), Electroprimitive (experimental musician), and Nurhanim Khairuddin (writer, artist).

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