Jumaat, Ogos 12, 2005

MMU yg kapitalis

Dear Student,


Congratulations on your completion of studies in MMU!

During your stay at MMU, the campus life has been memorable with your
participation in the extra-curricular activities, your study time in
the lecture halls and rooms, as well as your unforgettable friendship
with classmates and MMU Community. In the near future, we believe that
MMU would be proud of your achievements and career advancement and
would welcome your continuous relationship with the university. For
MMU to continue to grow in academic reputation, quality teaching and
strong collaborations, and to provide a better environment for your
juniors to study in, we appreciate very much for your kind
consideration in donating the MMU deposit that you've paid for during
your first day of registration to the following fund:

i. Student Welfare Fund: This fund
will be used as a financial assistance for students who are in need of
financial aid in academic matters.

ii. MMU Facilities Fund: This fund will
be used for facilities improvement for the well being of the student
e.g. Internet service

iii. MMU Endowment Fund: This fund will
be used for future development of labs, academic buildings and

We would like to thank you again for your kind and generous

Yours sincerely,



p/s: surat ini diposkan oleh pembaca berbolok. jadi memang nyatalah MMU ialah Money Making University.

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