Isnin, Ogos 01, 2005

Senang jer buat agama baru..bengong... Agama Jedi

aku jumpa artikel ni kat net....

Jedi Religion

I knew this was coming... I knew it would someday be a religion. Just like I predicted that people would someday worship Elvis.

Thousands of Britons devoted to the "Star Wars" films have claimed the fictional faith Jedi as their religion and forced it onto the next national census, newspapers reported on Thursday.

An e-mail campaign convinced more than 10,000 fans of the enduring science-fiction films to list Jedi -- known by the mantra "May the Force be with you" -- as their religion on Britain's 2001 census, the Daily Express reported. It was enough for the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to give Jedi its own code, meaning it will appear in the 2002 census.

"When the forms are processed, all data is encoded and we have given Jedi Knight a code because a large group of people have entered it on their forms," an ONS spokesman told the Daily Express. "But we are not saying that this is an official religion," the spokesman added.

In the "Star Wars" films, the Jedi Knights are a noble order of protectors unified by their belief in and ability to tap into a universal power called "the Force."

And here's an update to that story:

The Force will not be with you despite many Star Wars fans registering their religion as Jedi Knight in this year's British census.

Officials said on Thursday there was "absolutely no possibility" of Jedi appearing as a choice of religion on future census forms after officials created a code for Jedi to help them analyze responses to the 2001 population survey.

"Because a certain number of people were likely to have put Jedi Knight as a response to that question, it has been included as a code simply to help speed the forms through the machine-readers," a spokesman for the Office of National Statistics told Reuters. "All that will happen is that it will be recorded as 'Other'," he said. "It certainly does not mean it is recognized as a religion."

An email campaign had circulated before the national survey in April aiming to persuade up to 10,000 people to enter themselves as followers of the science-fiction films' mystical faith -- with its mantra "May the Force be with you." The spokesman said it was up to Parliament to decide on what questions appeared in the next census, due in 2011.

"There is absolutely no possibility of it appearing on the census form," he said. "We will not be using taxpayers' money to publish how many people put 'Jedi' in," he added.

So... does this make George Lucas the Pope?

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