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Ayah Pin Dari Perspektif Barat

This article written by La Bona, a berbolok reader.

tapi aku tidak menyokong isi kandungan artikel ini kerana dia menghina islam,sesungguhnya kafir mmg bingaiii..

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Breaking News!
Barbaric persecution of an apostate …

State persecutes an ex-Muslim and flatten his religious commune …

Introduction: Sky Kingdom

Sky Kingdom is a quasi-religious commune located in north east Malaysian. It has some 1,000 faithful and their main objective is to promote interfaith understanding. Sky Kingdom is a theme park like commune with an umbrella-shaped building, an ornamental fishing boat, strategically located faux Greco-Roman pillars, and the centrepiece - a pink giant ‘Teapot’!

Its spiritual leader: Ayah Pin is believed to be a reincarnation of everyone from Shiva to Buddha or from Jesus Christ or to Mohammed.

Ayah Pin: "All religions are basically the same, God teaches love. He is for anyone who wants to know about the world. You can choose whichever religion you want."

The commune has been branded as a ‘Deviationist cult’ by the authorities ... More at Storm in the teapot, Sky Kingdom Ayah Pin etc.

Once Muslim, Forever Slave!

Together with members of the group, Ayah Pin has publicly renounced their Islamic faith in 1998 but was REJECTED by the state (NB: Apostasy is a capital crime in Malaysia punishable by DEATH sentence!)

The Persecution

In 2001, the Malaysian authorities jailed Ayah Pin for 11 months for attempting to renounce Islam.

He is viewed as a security threat and they continue to harass him with all sorts of uncivilized threats befitting the low-life including smashing up the lovely giant teapot and flattening the commune, which they just did so yesterday!

Prior to the destruction, the authorities raided the commune in July, 2005 and detained 45 faithful including a Kiwi, senior citizens and among others, 3 children of Ayah Pin and his 3 wives.

I read somewhere; there are kids left behind unattended in commune and while some faithful have to pawn all theier belongs just to bail themselves out, majority of the detainees are still in custody.

Their crime: Trying to be unIslamic!

As if the arrest was not good enough, mobs made up of some 35 unidentified assailants armed with Molotov cocktails attacked the commune and set the place ablaze …. Assailants attack Ayah Pin's commune with Molotov cocktails! ... I supposed mobs and Molotov cocktails are Islamic.

Human Rights?
This must be a Greek word in Islam …

The group has appealed to a the local commision in charge of human rights ‘Suhakam’ for help … so far, no action.

And the most rediculous fact is that Malaysia is actually a secular state!

According to their constitutions, there is religious freedom ... Refer to Malaysian Federal Constitution, the Supreme Law (Article 4:1): -

“Article number: 3
(1) Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”

More detailsof their contitutions at Malaysia-Today

I am seeing hypocrisy of the highest order here ...

By the way, Mr. Pin is still at large. They said he is ‘protected’ by the Almighty in the name of justice ... do you buy this divine theory?

In the name of Religious Freedom, may God bless Ayah Pin and revive the cute Sky Kingdom ...



Monday August 1, 2005

‘Sky’ comes tumbling down


Ayah Pin: The authorities are still searching for him.
JERTEH: The giant teapot and other key structures at the Sky Kingdom commune came tumbling down yesterday after the Besut District Council sent in it's demolition squad.

More than 30 followers of the sect, who watched the demolition, did not resist or challenge the authorities.

Several children of sect leader Ariffin Mohamad, known as Ayah Pin to his followers, were among those who watched the Sky Kingdom symbols crashing to earth.

Asked what she thought of the council’s move, daughter Nor Hashide, 20, replied: “Tak tahu (Don’t know).”

Policemen at the scene barred pressmen from getting near the commune or take pictures of the demolition work.

The followers were taken by surprise when the 40 council workers entered the commune with four excavators and five lorries at 2.30pm. About 50 policemen and officers from the state Islamic Affairs department accompanied them.

Sky Kingdom follower Sulaiman Takrib, 56, said the perimeter wall was the first to go, followed by the assembly hall, the boat, the Dewan Bulat, the Dewan Nasyid, the teapot and other structures.

WHAT’S LEFT: The Dewan Bulat where Ayah Pin used to meet visitors is now lying in ruins after the Besut District Council demolished it yesterday.
Sulaiman said an officer went to look for the children of Che Minah Remeli, 58, the first wife of Ayah Pin, to sign a certain form.

Nobody came forward and the letter was eventually pushed under the door of one of the houses.

In a related development, the three other wives of Ayah Pin have been detained by the Kelantan police at a house in Kampung Sungai Pinang, near Tumpat.

They are his second wife Zaharah Awang, 45, third wife Ruzilah Mokhtar, 41, and fourth wife Nik Kamariah Nik Pah, 33.

Overview of the Sky Kingdom compound and structures on June 6.
The Terengganu Islamic affairs department had put them on the wanted list for being involved in teachings deviant to Islamic beliefs.

They will be charged at the Lower Syariah Court today under Section 10 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Takzir) (Terengganu) Enactment 2001.

Department commissioner Shaik Harun Ismail said the Kelantan police handed over the cult leader’s three wives to the Jerteh police at 11am.

PILE OF RUBBISH: A Besut District Council driver looking at some of the debris which will be disposed off at another location after the demolition exercise at the Sky Kingdom commune yesterday.
The district police, in turn, handed them over to the department at 4pm.

The authorities, however, have yet to detain Che Minah or Ayah Pin.

Early last month, Ayah Pin obtained an injunction to stop any attempt to demolish any structure at his commune.

State Islam Hadhari Development committee chairman Wan Mohamad Wan Hassan had said on July 5 that any effort to shut down the village would depend on the outcome of the hearing.

Even if the state Islamic affairs department won the case, Ayah Pin was expected to make an appeal.

Ayah Pin was declared an apostate for leaving Islam and had spent 11 months in jail in 2001 for his activities.

Ayah Pin and his four wives were earlier said to have fled from the Sky Kingdom before the compound was attacked by a group of masked men on July 18.

p/s: aku tidak menyangka ayah pin begitu famous hingga mengalahkan mawi..hoyess

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1. Baca surat Annisa ayat 36.
Apa perlunya neperlihatkan kekayaan serta bermegah.
2. Mau menjadi "famous" ? Untuk apa ?
3. Banyak orang miskin perlu sedekah, banyak orang tak dapat membaca Al-Quran. Apakah lebih baik membangun sekolah membaca dan mempelajari isi Al-Quran daripada Theme Park ?
4. Ayah Pin, memang seorang beragama Islam yang patuh tetapi bukan seorang Muslim yang baik. Karena tak berfikir, tak bertindak dan tak beradab yang Islami.