Ahad, Februari 15, 2009

My Tribute to: Nice Stupid Playground

Aku ingin memperkenalkan satu ruangan baru dalam blog ini.
Setiap hujung minggu aku akan tribute band/artis/personaliti.
Untuk minggu ini aku pilih Nice Stupid Playground, very nostalgic!!

nice stupid playground

Stereo Girl

As I open the door then it started to rain
And the TV is gone for another day

What I feel was sour the otherside
Do you feel the cryin'?
(Stay..) Stay for a while..
We can make it happen(ooh..ooh..)
Gonna have too much fun(we gonna have too much fun)

(Stay..) Stay for tonight..
Gonna make things happen(ooh..ooh)
Gonna have some teenage fun..

I remember the way you slept last night
It's gonna be alright..
You're a stereo girl..

And I Don't Admire

Do you know why
And I know that I found love
And I'm always never there
When I found you

And if I had it what I wanna
And I tell you what to do
If you keep me running after you

And I thought
I'm watching you
But I don't ever make it
If I, I found you
And I thought the life line headin
You like I do
And I thought...
And I don't admire the things you do

Time after time
I think I'm sleeping love the time
I don't ever dare
When I found you

Bedroom Window

All alone in my room..
Sitting in the afternoon..
All i heard is those sad,sad..
Listen to what the said..
From the room window door..

Ordinary day...(3x)


Little by little..
Thats she wants it all..
About you..
If you find me..
Im over,over you..

Lying down on my bed..
As the day seem so sad..
Wishing on the sunshine..
Come and take me now..
From the room window door..

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